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Mixed choir Rock me Amadeus is led by Michel Poels, who also accompanies the choir on the piano.

The 22-member choir consists of:

Sopranos: Tineke Oppentocht, Zsuzsanna Landsbergen, Klaartje de Looze, Ditje Speets, Maartien Hutter, Gerdine van Koppen, Annelies Peterse

Altos: Maureen Mols, Gea Blok, Stella Harm, Marjan van der Vegt, Willy Wennen, Monique van der Stap, Ingrid Witteveen, Astrid Mink

Tenors: Jos Helvoort, Dick van Dijk, Michel van der Prijt en Jeroen Staal

Basses: Marcel Taal, René Draaisma, Rogier Meulenberg, Rob Migo

Choir members are expected to prepare their parts at home, so that valuable rehearsal time is not wasted. You don't need to be able to read sheet music, although that is of course an advantage. In many cases, choir members receive their parts as MP3s, so they can partially study the music at home.

For those who want and can, there is also the possibility within the choir to sing a solo part in certain songs.

At this moment, the choir has no vacancies.